The sound-making duo of Mark Briggs and Herb Heinz invent audio experiences which employ radically clashing styles to instruct, confuse and sometimes offend listeners.

Hmmm...began in 1983. Uncountable live musical experiments were conducted. Using tools like acoustic instruments, two-track reel-to-reels, ancient electronic synthesizers, archaic processors and cheap six-packs, they skillfully applied their musical skills to create raw, improvised, art-like mayhem. Spewing off-the-cuff lyrics, their "songs" covered every topic imaginable.

Between 1993 and 1995 the group took the form of a band-thing with the addition of Shawn Bulen (Guitar) and Amy X Neuburg (Drums). Techniques were developed for creating "instant songs". An excellent recording resulted: 'Two Times Ago'.

Hmmm...began their most ambitious project yet in 1997. Setting out to distill their 15 years of experience and experiments into a single, carefully polished audio invention, they delved into the studio. The result of this effort is the album, 'I Only Want Love'. A video was also made called 'Box People'.